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Under The Tuscan Sun Yoga Retreat In Italy

Under The Tuscan Sun Yoga Retreat In Italy

Yoga in Italy

The new year brings fresh and exciting opportunities for rest, reflection and physical and spiritual awakening at the many yoga travel retreats throughout the calendar months. This year’s yoga retreat lineup is filled with everything from warm getaways with scintillating and exotic programs to the breathtaking, pure and yoga retreats italy frosty views that give a sense of clarity and immersion. This year, be prepared to liven your senses and detoxify your body to give yourself a new-found sense of well-being. Yoga travel retreats will give you everything you’re looking for and help you return to the balance state of being that is innately you.


Yoga travel possibilities

They host Thurs-Wed stays but as they were light on bookings in March I was able to book a long weekend. There’s a daily 90-min yoga class each morning to get you started. Our morning sessions were in an ancient cave. Gabrielle, the regular instructor, is fantastic and one of the best I’ve had in the 7 years I’ve been practicing. American and trained in the U.S., Gabrielle has been in Italy for several years and her practice focuses on form and alignment reflected in the Iyengar style. Its a great foundation and gave me a refreshed approach to my practice.

Taormina, Sicily

Taormina is small town on the east coast of Sicily, popular with tourists and famed for its superb beaches. The town itself is a great place to relax during spa holidays in Sicily, with picturesque architecture and a rich history chocolate slim. It’s an especially good place for culture vultures – Taormina features one of the yoga vacations in europe most popular archaeological sites in Sicily, the ‘Greek Theatre’, a superbly preserved amphitheatre which is the venue for numerous live music and theatre events. For a luxury holiday in Sicily, Taormina is a great middle ground between a busy city like Catania and the more isolated Aeolian island resorts.

After 2 days in Rome stuffing myself with ice cream, pasta and red wine I was in need for some serious exercise. And I got it! We started each day with a 1,5 – 2 hour mysore class. Eileen and Nicole were always there, correcting and aligning everyone. I never did mysore classes before and it was a great experience. In the afternoon we had another guided yoga class where Eileen really challenged us with lots and lots of planks, sideplanks, and devil downward dogs. We also had two really interesting anatomy workshops with Andrew.

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