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Do you think in ancient ages people haven't take care of their bodies? Yes, they did! Most of the people are not aware, that some of their beauty treatments are still in use today! Let the celtic wisdom take care of you!

Summer Beauty Tips For Face

Summer Beauty Tips For Face

Beauty Tips For Face – Beauty Tips


In this contemporary age of fashion, skin and social networking, beauty has been catapulted to such a high pedestal that it has become almost everybody’s ultimate desire. Everybody wants to be beautiful because of personal reasons. Beauty tips for face are sought after perhaps due to their followers on Twitter that they wouldn’t want them to be seen in bare naked simplicity. However, it is also a commodity. With a price. A very hefty one.

The price of beauty has become very expensive nowadays, with the infusion of dozens of high-end treatments such as Botox and oxygen therapy. As these revamp the appearance, it also pulls down bank accounts. So to lessen the spending and minimize the adherence to solutions that come in signature bottles, here are some pointers that might help.


This is one of the most necessary beauty tips for face today, considering the condition of our Mother Earth. We are mostly aware of how deteriorated our environment has been, and how the sun’s harmful rays have become more damaging to the skin by the hour – literally. Bask in the scorching heat by 11AM and it’s not Vitamin D that you’re getting. You’re only submitting yourself to skin disease.

So do not be bothered by how much you spend on sunblock. It’s protection against hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer. Back in the day, it was a different story. Sunscreen was not so much marketed and not among the top beauty tips for face because of the emphasis on the Vitamin D that we can benefit from the sun. It wasn’t as burning back then and the heat was quite tolerable.

These days? Forget the Vitamin D and sun parallelism. While it still is a good source, the harmful effects have already outshined the good. So revel in the sun early in the morning or leave the Vitamin D to your supplements. If you have to get out in the sun, gear yourself up: Shades, protective clothing, umbrella and sunscreen.

Hydrate and moisturize.

Given the drying effect of the sun, let alone the humidity and climate changes on a global scale, it is important to keep the skin hydrated. People with oily skin have asked this one too many times; still, the answer is generic: Moisturize, even if you have oily skin. This is just as important as any other basic beauty tips for face. Just choose the right type of moisturizer that could lock in the appropriate moisture while letting go of excess oil to prevent pores from being clogged.


Surprised with ice as one of the beauty tips for face? Well, try this and make it a daily morning habit. Icing the face lifts up all the night creams and remaining dirt that has settled during rest period, as well as dead skin cells that have been exfoliated by your night cleanser. As it lifts these residues, it closes the pores and leaves it feeling ultra rejuvenated. Ice until it numbs the skin and gives a rosy puff on the cheeks. Then wash with a gentle morning cleanser that suits you. It will leave the face feeling exceedingly fresh and clean and contribute to a more vibrant aura.

All these practical facial measures, together with the ever cliché but efficient rest, and you’ll have that once youthful glow on your face back again.

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