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Set a Beautiful Frame for your Bones – Avoid Osteoporosis

Set a Beautiful Frame for your Bones – Avoid Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the bone disease causing fragility and breakage of bones due to low calcium counts in the bone mass of a patient. It shows no symptoms when arriving and mostly only detected during the first fracture a person meets after having osteoporosis. To avoid osteoporosis is the best way out of the web. By avoiding the disease we mean prevent and cure it, prevention pertaining to people with not the disease but low bone mass, and cure pertaining to people who already have the disease. Let’s get over these preventive and curative measures to avoid osteoporosis.

How to prevent osteoporosis?

The very first thing you need to do is consult your doctor to get a check on the presence of the disease in your bones. The doctor gives you a bone mineral density chart after testing your bones for the same. This chart shows the levels of various elements in the bones and their respective deviation from the average, healthy levels. This test makes you aware of the chances and risks that can cause you osteoporosis.

If your bone mass is low and you are a menopausal female, ask the doctor regarding estrogen replacement techniques and if they’ll suit you. It may happen that even after menopause you do not show chances of osteoporosis, but yet are characterized by low bone mass. Hormone replacement can help you avoid osteoporosis before time.

A diet consistent of high calcium, vitamin D, green leafy veggies, salmon, broccoli, dairy products and so on can help you prevent osteoporosis whether you are risked of the disease hitting you in the near time or not. Apart from diet, supplements of calcium and vitamin D elements are necessary to avoid osteoporosis if your bone mass density shows low count of them.

Daily exercise is the best solution. Weight bearing and resistance inducing exercises can help avoid osteoporosis and also get you rid of other diseases and disorders apart from osteoporosis. A limitation on food should be put that causes more absorption of calcium from bones.

If you are a victim of hyperparathyroidism and not yet had any kind of acquaintance with the disease, then you need to worry and take preventive measures because osteoporosis is not away from you in such a condition. Get your parathyroid glands fixed or removed with a doctor consultation.

A stoppage on smoking and alcohol consumption helps prevent osteoporosis. Get your BDM tests done regularly to keep a check on the disease, how successful you are in maintaining a good distance from it and what more you need to do if your efforts yet aren’t enough.

The best prevention is to care and nurture your bones since childhood. An attitude to start these measures as soon as you can will give you as better results they can.

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