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Inexpensive Ways to Bone Health – Osteoporosis Exercises

Inexpensive Ways to Bone Health – Osteoporosis Exercises

Exercises are effective ways of keeping yourself healthy and active. You do not spend a penny, but just some time from your busy life. Exercise is generally necessary to keep yourself free from any disease, but we are specifically going to talk about osteoporosis here. As you know, osteoporosis is a disease of the bones and in this disease the bones of a person are prone to become fragile and exposed easily to breakage and fractures. The basic requirements to treat osteoporosis, or at least reduce its adverse effects, are inclusion of calcium, vitamin D and exercise in daily life, called the basic CDEs.

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By exercise, you are not increasing, but reducing the chances of damages that may occur to your bones. We have seen that osteoporosis can be treated by hormone replacement therapies. But they are more likely to end you up gaining weight instead of reducing. Also, exercise helps in diminishing the chances of breast cancer. With exercise, muscle endurance can be built up and also the thickness and strength of bones.

Osteoporosis exercises can be classified into three types – weight – bearing, resistance inducing and flexibility exercise. While all three of them are required for health bones, the first one is the most essential. Let us get on all of them one by one.

Exercises for people with osteoporosis:

Weight-bearing exercises

This term, weight-bearing, means that your limbs will have to support your body the most while doing these exercises. They include activities like walking, dancing, jumping, hiking, climbing the stairs and so on. These are excellent osteoporosis exercises. You can have a good bone health built up within a few weeks by taking long walks for 3 – 5 miles per week. Vigorous weight – bearing osteoporosis exercises 5 times a week, by giving it about half to one hour a day, is awesome to improve the chances of elimination of osteoporosis from your life.

Resistance inducing exercises

These exercises are for the muscles rather than the bones. But, still, they are beneficial as osteoporosis exercises. The muscles and ligaments support the bones of a body part, and hence these exercises contribute to the bone health, though indirectly. Resistance inducing exercises include work outs with weight machines or free weights at home or in the gymnasiums, stretching exercises with resistance bands and tubes, and water – related exercises (like swimming, floating, water aerobics, etc.). These work outs done 2 or 3 times a week can be really effective. You can make them challenging by adding more weights or repeating them quite a good number of times, and gradually increasing the counts.

Flexibility exercises

Another set of important osteoporosis exercises is the flexibility exercises. They include regular stretching exercises, T’ai chi (a combo of the wrist and ankle flexibility exercises and meditation), and, the last but everlasting, Yoga. These are amazing exercise types that can increase your body flexibility and hence, again, contribute indirectly to your bone health. Well, any exercise done in a proper manner for a proper amount of time, is beneficial for the body (and the bones). But these three types of osteoporosis exercises are an awesome solution for the treatment of osteoporosis, apart from the bisphosphonate medications.

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