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How to become dental assistant?

How to become dental assistant?

Who is dental assistant?

A dental assistant as clear from the name is not really a dentist but he/she works side by side with the dentist. He has an equal connection with the dentist as well as the patient and that’s why his/her interpersonal skills matter a lot here. When patients enter the clinic or the dentist’s office, dental courses they are assisted by the dental assistant. Many of the tests required by dentists for the patients are done in the assistance of dental assistants. They will take the patient’s blood pressure, check their pulse, take x-rays, perform tasks as an office manager, take teeth impressions etc.

The program can be completed by students in 5 months however it still goes step by step for students to absorb everything properly. The school is also licensed and the license has been obtained from Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. What makes PennFoster Career School even more credible is the fact that it has been given an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau as well. The online dental assistant course has been divided into 9 steps, called the units to make sure that students get the idea of all subjects and topic slowly and gradually.

Additional hours

For most Veterinary Technicians the requirement of additional hours of continuing education is a state standard for renewal of your license. Many states are now requiring sixteen hours of significant course work or seminars/workshops or college credit courses for continuing education credit. That means you need to be on the dental courses look out for courses and training that will help you to reach your state requirement. Many of these courses are now offered through community colleges and even offered online through many universities and colleges. You will want to begin your program for continuing education for veterinary technicians as soon as possible.


Most programs do not have specific entry requirements. Applicants need to present a high school diploma or an equivalent. Still, some schools require applicants to have taken science courses and/or computer courses in high school. The curricula of the different dental assistant training programs vary, but all good quality programs offer classroom training as well as lab and preclinical practice. The fundamental courses in the programs include dental science, clinical practices, dental materials and instrumentation and radiology. A program is not difficult to complete, provided that you have interest in science and good numeracy skills.

Time is always a primary issue and there are some dentists who might not be able to spare time to attend a seminar at some other place in the world because of their preoccupations. In such cases some institutions are also running online orthodontics seminars and training programs. Therefore everything can be obtained online and practiced in available time. Another benefit of joining online orthodontic courses is that you can read the material as many times you want to and that too at your convenient time. They also provide videos to help you understand the complexities of the procedure.

Online training

Online training sometimes scares people because they’re not familiar with it. However, you can rest assured that as long as you take the time to choose a qualified program, you’ll have no trouble getting exactly what you need from dental CE courses online. It might seem scary now, but when you’re able to come home at the end of the day and do your training from the comfort of your couch instead of having to sit at an in-service all day long, you’ll definitely come to appreciate the online program and all that it has to offer.

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