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Do you think in ancient ages people haven't take care of their bodies? Yes, they did! Most of the people are not aware, that some of their beauty treatments are still in use today! Let the celtic wisdom take care of you!

Coconut oil benefits – More Information on coconut oil

Coconut oil benefits – More Information on coconut oil

Recent studies have shown that coconut oil is of the few foods which have profound positive effects on health and provides a range of benefits.

Coconut oil keeps you away from infections and diseases

Coconut oil reduces the risk of heart disease:  Most of the people think that coconut oil is not good for heart health but, it was found that coconut oil is packed with saturated fats which has the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Coconut helps to combat skin disorders: Coconut oil works well for the people who have damaged skin. Majority of the people these days are suffering from various skin disorders for them this coconut oil works well.

Coconut oil boosts dental health and helps to combat bad breath problem. Studies have shown that it has the properties to kill the harmful bacteria there in the mouth and enhances dental health.

Coconut oil boosts brain function and patients will find immediate improvement in brain function in patients.

Coconut oil has antiviral, anti bacterial, and antifungal properties that keeps you away from dandruff problem and other hair issues.

Coconut oil also reduces head lice problem. It is a perfect solution there for the people who are suffering from severe head lice problem.

Coconut oil increases your blood circulation and provides you a range of nutrients.

Procedure to apply Coconut oil with Almond Oil

Mix sufficient amount of coconut oil with 2 to 3 drops of Almond oil well and spread it on your scalp for about 10-15 minutes. Wait for about 30 minutes and wash your hair later to combat hair loss problem.


Procedure to apply Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice

Mix Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice in 2:1 ratio and spread it on your scalp. Wait for about 5 hours and wash it off with cool water.

Procedure to apply coconut oil with shampoo

You can also mix the shampoo you use regularly with coconut oil in the same amount and spread it on your hair. After that, you can clean your hair normally. It is a great way to have moisturized scalp and hair.

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