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Do you think in ancient ages people haven't take care of their bodies? Yes, they did! Most of the people are not aware, that some of their beauty treatments are still in use today! Let the celtic wisdom take care of you!

Benefits of training yoga

Benefits of training yoga

Yoga as medicament and exercises

People are getting aware about the benefits of yoga as a medicine that has capability of curing most of the ailments and as a physical exercise that will save them from future problems. People are taking it serious as an art and a profession thus many people going for proper training like any other discipline and become a professional yoga teacher. Yoga teaching is a profitable profession in monetary and in health terms. Yoga teacher makes people healthier and thus indirectly contributes toward the progress of society as well as the country since a healthy body and mind can make a better world.

Yoga benefits for body and mind

The practice of Yoga retreats in Europe aims to help not only the psychic, but also the physical aspects of one’s body. It can be used as complementary exercise in many sports but at the same time it’s very easy to practice at home. Yoga exercises improve our physical condition, by training our muscles and our joints. Also, it’s extremely efficient in stopping the aging process and improves health by imposing a rigorous discipline. Yoga is more than a set of practices, positions and techniques, because it involves a holistic approach. Exercises have various effects on your body.

Yoga is an ancient set of therapeutic techniques which are meant to help the mind handle stressful situations with ease. Besides the spiritual and mental training, the special exercises help to enhance the body posture and to increase the overall health and well-being of the body. After using yoga to relieve stress and strengthen our bodies, we will feel younger, more alert, and our mental capabilities will be improved. These exercises can also do wonders for our immune system, which in turn means that we will have to confront a lot less often with common illnesses, like colds or allergies.

Yoga retreats in Europe

Maybe you might like to look at Yoga retreats Europe Holidays in Europe ? Specialising in some of the very best yoga holidays Europe, Senses Wellbeing Holidays are a company who pride themselves in their ability to see fellow yoga practitioners work on their physical fitness and reach new levels of mental and spiritual wellbeing simultaneously with their yoga holidays in Europe in beautiful locations. One of the most popular yoga holidays in Europe packages, the Shankti-Som yoga retreat in Spain will see you enjoying 6 nights away with a lifestyle consultation to ensure that you really get the most from your time away.


Popularity of yoga as ideal fitness mantra has spread all over the world especially to the countries like UK and Europe People here are now very much aware of health benefits of yoga and looking for the ways to incorporate it into their fitness regimes. They are therefore preferring to learn yoga from certified yoga trainers who can well teach them the basics of yoga , yoga postures , yoga asanas , pranayama and breathing techniques to the perfection. As such there is good demand for certified yoga teachers in London and hence a career as yoga instructor in London really has a good scope.


This summer I decided to offer Yoga holidays in Europe classes in my studio (Nataraj Dance Studio) for tourists who are spending their holidays in Acharavi (North Corfu Island, Greece). Acharavi is actually a very nice place for holidays, it feels like a village built by the sea and the beach, and has many studios, hotels, shops, markets and restaurants around. There are some very beautiful cafés on the beach that can keep one busy all day enjoying a swim between coffee, lunch or even cocktails. So what better way to complete ones holidays than by adding a little bit of yoga exercise or yoga bliss to it?


Modern tourists have plenty to explore in Ibiza as right from sun-kissed beaches to lively clubs, Ibiza is rightly considered as glamorous and relaxing getaway. Each and every tourists coming to Ibiza are sure to fall in love with the splendor and magnificence of this beautiful island and would love to visit Ibiza again and again. To welcome guests and tourists hailing from different corner of the world, this island has well prepared itself, in respect to hotels and apartments so that tourists coming here are offered with innumerable accommodation options available in their budget.

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